Letter to Daddy in Heaven

The following letter was written by a young friend whose father passed on this day 6 years ago. Thank you Carly for allowing me to share this.

Dear Daddy,

Happy Birthday there in heaven. I guess you know this day’s a tough one for me, given all it commemorates and all the emotion it packs… I woke up thinking of you, and since I can’t call, I thought I’d write. Feel free to answer any way you can…you know I watch for signs. So what’s it like there? Are there people for you to help and build stuff for or is heaven so perfect nobody needs help? Please tell me you’re not bored. How’s your mansion? Are Henry and harley there? And what about you? Are you wise now? Well, Wiser lol? Surely you have a better perspective on things, right? Can you read my thoughts? See my actions? Hear my prayers? Seen Jesus yet? Guessing there’s a waiting list a mile long, huh? Do you have to make an appointment? Can you see the future? Do you worry like I do? Sorry for all the questions but it should be expected. And what about you? Are you happy up there… Over there? Around here? Where are you anyway? Will you be coming back? Would you even want to? If reincarnation is real, how will I know you? Better yet, could you not come back until I get there, cause I liked you as my father and really want to hug you again someday if we have arms to hug with. How’s Aunt Kathy? What about Papa? Paw? Jared? Did you even know Jared before heaven? Do you have a harley? Brody said he saw you one day, and your harley was purple lol. Brody and Raeah are awesome aren’t they. I wish they could meet you. Are there black n mild cigars and beer there? Do you think back on old times back here on earth? I think some memories might make you sad… Can you even get sad in heaven? You always did love birthdays: real life birthdays… Now that you get to celebrate your birthday in heaven what’s the best part? Did they bake you a cake? Throw you a party? Are you surrounded by friends and family eating Crawfish and cutting up? Whatever you’re doing this day, know I’m celebrating too…not with cake, but in my heart. aid a special prayer asking God to let you know, if it wouldn’t make you sad, that you were really missed…for you are really dearly missed dad. Some days I miss you so much I can’t function…but other days, it feels like you’re right here. Whatever you’re doing on this, your 6th birthday in heaven, may laughter and love surround you and may you find peace in knowing not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Happy Birthday Daddy. I love you more than you could ever imagine ♡ Now and always, your baby girl



About lherren1963

I'm a 51 yr old college student. I'm pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing.
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