A Dangerous Affair

    She couldn’t remember when she first suspected he was seeing someone. Maybe it was after he had so many late nights ‘at work.’ Maybe it was when he came home smelling like a bar or when she heard an off-handed comment from a friend.

    At first she tried to ignore it and tell herself she was being paranoid. She went through her daily routine, mornings rushing kids to school, lunch with a friend, committees or groceries. Her life was far from exciting but it was certainly busy. So busy in fact, it was months before she decided to try to find out if he had another woman.

    They had been married ten years and had two kids. He was a plastic surgeon; she was a stay at home mom. She was a small town southern girl and had moved to the suburbs when she married Steve. At first she felt out of place but soon made friends, had kids and as soon as they started school, she joined the PTA.

    She was a gorgeous woman but she was also very humble. She was a good person, having never even gotten a parking ticket or forgotten a thank you note. She was very kind to everyone and never mean or judgmental. Unfortunately, she was also a bit naïve.

    That’s one reason it took her so long to admit to herself that Steve might be seeing someone else.

    She had driven into the city one day to pick up a dress for a special dinner with Steve’s coworkers. He had insisted she buy something new and not wear the same old thing. So, the Tuesday before the event, she went to get the dress. On her way to the shop, she drove by what looked like a nice Italian restaurant and decided to stop by on her way back.

    After leaving the dress shop, she drove over to the Italian place with fresh lasagna on her mind. She went in and was seated immediately after asking for a corner table. While waiting on the server to bring the wine she requested, she took a moment to look around at the diners at the other tables.

    It was then she saw him. His back was to her but she knew it was him. At first she thought about rushing over to surprise him but then she noticed the woman across from him. She also noticed they were holding hands. Suddenly, all the late nights, the scent of perfume and cigarettes on his clothes and the unexplained charges on the credit cards all made sense.

   She sat a while, looking at the other woman. She decided she was very beautiful, in a fake sort of way. She had bleach blonde hair, a spray on tan, acrylic nails and even fake eyelashes. She ate her lunch though she didn’t taste a single bite. When she saw the waiter leave a check on their table, she asked for hers and left before he saw her.

    She wasn’t sure how she was going to handle this situation. She was torn within herself to do the right thing and just walk away. But something inside her had snapped at the restaurant that day and somehow walking away just didn’t seem like the thing to do.

    That evening, she acted as though everything was normal. She didn’t say anything to him about the Italian place. But she did fix spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

    The next evening, her mother came by to visit. Steve had called and said he had to work late. So, after giving her mother a story about needing new shoes for the event Friday night, she went out for a while. She drove into the city, across the tracks to a rough part of town. Terrified, she took care of the business she had come for and got back home as soon as she could. Thankfully, she had already bought a new pair of shoes, which she took into the house to show her mother when she returned home.

    For the next couple of days, she went about her routine and daily business. Friday came around and Steve was home on time. Supper was ready, lasagna this time with Italian bread and salad. He asked her why she was cooking so much Italian food lately. She replied, “I thought it was your favorite.”

    Steve asked, “Why would you think that, I’ve never like Italian food.”

    “Oh really? Huh, I must have imagined it then.”

    He shook his head and finished with his tie.

    Steve drove to the dinner party while chatted about her day. Several times she noticed he was completely distracted. He would just mutter replies to her comments. She even mentioned shaving her head and painting the kids and he simply agreed. So she chatted away about everything and nothing.

    The party was at the country club in the Elite Dining Room. The room where only doctors and lawyers dined, it was off limits to ordinary folks. Upon entering, they saw tables of food, fountains of champagne and chocolate and more wine and liquor than a liquor store could hold. Several people had already indulged in the champagne and were getting a bit loud over by the bar.

    Other than that, the room was gorgeous with white linen tablecloths and black china place settings. The draperies were crimson red, making the whole room seem romantic with the red, black and white décor.

    She left her hand on Steve’s arm as he walked through the room greeting acquaintances. Then suddenly, there she was, the other woman. Steve introduced her as Eva. She shook Eva’s hand.

    “Where is the ladies’ room?” she asked Eva.

    “This way. Allow me to show you,” Eva replied.

    Following Eva to the ladies’ room, they stepped inside where she confronted her about Steve. Eva denied everything, but she knew the truth. She pulled a pistol from her clutch and shot Eva right between the eyes. Then she simply walked away.






About lherren1963

I'm a 51 yr old college student. I'm pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing.
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