Facebook Ruined my Marriage

 You know, I get so tired of hearing people talk about how Facebook is nothing but drama. If you have a Facebook account, you probably have seen those people who argue back and forth or the ones who ‘cuss out’ someone they know (or don’t know).

 There are many who use social media as a way to instigate trouble or drama, but certainly not everyone is like that. If you see drama on your Facebook page and you don’t like it, delete that person from your friends list. You can even hide the comment if you want to. You don’t have to see it if you don’t want to.

 There are some folks like me who use social media to keep in touch with friends who live far off. Sometimes, I use Facebook to get a recipe or writing advice. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of things like ‘help me find my birth parent by sharing the photo’ and ‘if I get a million likes, daddy said I can have a puppy.’ 

 One young lady did find her birth parents and the kids got their puppy. Good for them! After seeing their success with their own missions, I tried using Facebook and other social media to help me find an old friend from school. Nothing. I had to beg for shares and likes and it didn’t get anywhere. I didn’t find my friend, but that’s another story.

 Then you have the folks who treat Facebook like it’s a ‘hook-up’ service or something similar. These are those people who send private messages to people hoping to get lucky in some way, shape or form. This cracks me up! How the heck does someone get lucky on Facebook? Whatever.

 Then you have the group of people who are in a relationship of some type. It might be marriage, living together as a couple or a domestic partnership. They have their Facebook friends that the partner knows about and maybe they have some the partner doesn’t know about. There are people who have had affairs or flings with people they have met through some form of social media. Funny thing is, people tend to blame the social media and not the people involved. I’ve seen it a number of times… comments like ‘Facebook ruined my marriage.’  Ummm NO it didn’t.

 Look at it this way. If you and your partner go to a party, its very possible that someone is going to get ‘hit on’ while at the party. What happens with that is up to both people involved. If an affair is going to happen, it’ll happen with or without social media.

 Facebook, in a way, is like life. It is what you make it. If you make it all about drama, then that’s what its going to be. If you make it a way to cheat on your partner, that’s something YOU have done and the social media is not at fault.

 So, people, you need to get real and see where the fault lies! Don’t blame an innocent party. It’s not because of social media that your life is full of drama and Facebook can’t ruin your marriage anymore than a spoon can make you fat. 

About lherren1963

I'm a 51 yr old college student. I'm pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing.
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8 Responses to Facebook Ruined my Marriage

  1. PREACH!! This post is amazing and so true. In life, everything is what you make it, you’re in the driver’s seat and you dictate how you react to things around you.

  2. JenJen0703 says:

    I remember how much stress Facebook caused one of my previous relationships. It got to a point where I literally had to block him so he could not see what was going on with MY Facebook. I do not use Facebook as a medium for dating, I use it to keep in contact with friends, family, and followers. But, sometimes, you come across a nut who will hit on you and say things that will piss off a significant other.

    • lherren1963 says:

      I handle it just like I would in person… i tell ’em ‘not interested’… if they don’t take the hint, they get deleted. Sometimes its a matter of trust too… my guy knows that if someone hits on me, they’re gettin booted to the curb… whether its a real curb or a virtual curb, the effect is the same!

      • JenJen0703 says:

        It’s more difficult when you’ve been good friends with a guy for your entire life, and he makes comments that could be taken as flirtatious by a jealous man that were never directed AT you…lol

      • lherren1963 says:

        OH ok… I can see where that could make a difference. A lot of guys have issues with men who have known you longer than they have.

      • JenJen0703 says:

        I remember a few years ago, my high school friend, Anthony (who lives in North Dakota and has a long-time girlfriend) made a comment to me about needing a birthday spanking, but he wasn’t asking me to be The Deliverer. My then-boyfriend made a huge stink about it for months after…glad we broke up!

      • lherren1963 says:

        You know a bit about my EX and how I couldn’t even speak to another man. Glad my guy now isn’t like that.

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