Your Story Starts at Home

I got a little behind in my writing and missed a few of my writing prompts. So I decided to bundle them all into one blog and see what I can come up with! Please enjoy!

These are the prompts I’ll be working with today. I’ll use them in random order.

  1. Feed the beast
  2. Home is where your story begins
  3. The conversaion in the kitchen
  4. Pizza, Mexican, chinese
  5. Taking the dogs along
  6. Been waiting my whole life

Where is home? For me, home is in Texas near a beautiful lake. It doesn’t matter where you live. Home can be anywhere, with anybody. My home is small and peaceful, quaint I suppose you could say. It’s full of old stuff and new stuff. When the grandkids are here, it full of noise and laughter. Home is where the heart is, home is where your story begins.

Sometimes we can’t decide if we want pizza, mexican or chinese for dinner, but it’s the conversation in the kitchen that really matters. It’s not the subject of that conversation or the topic that matters, just having the conversation is all that’s important.

We often overlook some things in life, like quality time with family. The simple things, like driving to the lake just to take pictures or going for a walk. Heaven forbid, don’t forget to take the dogs along! But before you go, feed the beast or they’ll eat every bug on the beach!

I’ve been waiting my whole life to be a writer. I didn’t even know I was waiting. But I’m on my way now and most of my stories start at home.


About lherren1963

I'm a 51 yr old college student. I'm pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing.
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