My Daughter’s Dream

When she was little, she loved animals. She always said when she grew up, she wanted to be a veterinarian. She still loves animals, proof of that is here, if you care to read it! She always loved art, loved to draw and make stuff. She’s like me in that way, and like my mom too. In high school, she started taking graphic design classes. She was instantly hooked! She made excellent grades and the rest will be history… someday!

She’s 21 and in college now. She’s going for a BA in Graphic Design. The University she’s attending sponsors internships to quite a few companies. One of those companies is Warner Brother’s Record Company, in Los Angeles, California. Just in case you don’t know (Heaven forbid!) this is the company that holds a contract with Green Day, whose lead singer is Billie Joe Armstrong. Green Day has been around since the early 1990’s. They sing some songs you may have heard, like ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends,’ ’21 Guns’ and ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).’

I do believe Billie Joe has achieved idol status to my daughter. No, I don’t mean American Idol status, I mean ‘she worships everything about the guy’ idol status. She knows his birthday, where he was born, eye color, his wife’s name, his kids’ names, when his songs were released….. get the point?

So back to Warner Brother’s Record Company. The company offers internships from a number of colleges and universities, and by some bit of fate, one of those universities is the one Katie is attending. So, we have a company that offers internships and a school that helps students obtain internships. Do you see something brewing here?

So, that’s her dream. To apply for the internship, get the internship to Warner Brother’s, go to California and work for Warner Bros. and eventually meet THE ONE AND ONLY Billie Joe Armstrong. That is her ultimate goal in life. In addition to that, she’ll have that lil ole college degree in a field where she can make $60,000 + a year. But who cares about that stuff if she gets to meet Billie Joe?


About lherren1963

I'm a 51 yr old college student. I'm pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing.
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2 Responses to My Daughter’s Dream

  1. Emily says:

    Well, I’m all about following your dreams, because when I was your daughter’s age, I didn’t. I did what I thought my parents wanted me to do, which was become either a doctor, lawyer, or business-person. I chose business, got my MBA, worked in marketing for about 8 years, until I realized I hated what I was doing. I started taking writing classes at night at that point. So, better late than never. My feeling is, follow your dreams because you never know where they may take you, whether you meet billie joe or not. 🙂

    • lherren1963 says:

      I’m right there with you! I’ve always loved to write but then I got married and was raising kids so I didn’t write for many years. I divorced and kids are grown. I’m in college going for a BA in Creative Writing for Entertainment! Follow your dreams!

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