Ghost Stories: Hank

This post is inspired by an email writing group I signed up with. Each day, I receive and email with a writing prompt for inspiration to write. Today’s prompt was,  you guessed it: ghost stories.

We used to live in a nice house. It was a brick with 3 bedrooms, 5 acres, a barn and a shop. Before we lived there, only 2 other people had ever lived there. They were the original owners who had the home built in 1979-1980. We bought the house from their son. He came to possess the home after his father passed away. His mother had tried to live there alone for a couple of years, but with failing health, the son insisted she go to live with him.

He put the house up for sale and that’s when we came along. We rented it at first, but bought it 6 months later. We first moved in September of 1997. That Christmas, the Mom came to visit us in ‘her’ house. It was nice, she was a really sweet lady. She passed away just a few weeks later. I always thought that she just wanted to see that ‘her’ house was in goods hand with a family in it.

We lived there for 12 years. Raised kids and puppies and such. My daughter, Katie grew up in that house and to this day she still calls it ‘my house,’ even though we moved out 3 & 1/2 years ago. The house was pretty good size, with an attic. A really nice place.

We used to hear bumps in that attic. We investigated but never found any critters or anything like that. We thought about all the things that could cause ‘bumps’ like pipes or loose boards. Nothing. We never found anything.

The bumps would move at times. We would hear 2 or 3 bumps over the living room, then one over the kitchen. Katie and I became fans of Ghost Hunters and TAPS and started watching on a regular basis. Ghost Hunters on TV made more bumps in the attic. It never failed. Sometimes we might go weeks without hearing the bumps. Turn on Ghost Hunters and the bumping would start up again. We eventually named the bump Hank.

Hank was in odd places at odd times. We only had one bathroom and it only had one door. On numerous occasions, Katie would be in the shower and would later ask me if I had opened the bathroom door. I told her ‘no!’ Hmmm, she would say. Odd, because she, being a teenage girl ALWAYS locked the bathroom door. Many times over the years she heard that door open and close while she was showering. She would peek out and never see a thing.

WE had a rabbit for a little while. We would let him out to hop around the house. Hank had a rabbit too. Katie and I both saw him on numerous occasions. He would hop around …. zippity zappity… fast as lightening. And Hank would bump around in the attic.

My most memorable encounter with Hank was when I was in the shower one day. I was alone in the bathroom. The shower was actually in the tub, it wasn’t separate. I had turned off the water and had my towel and had begun to dry off. All of a sudden, on my right shoulder, I felt three distinctive taps. TAP TAP TAP. Just as if someone was standing there trying to get my attention. And, even knowing I was alone in the tub with the shower curtain still closed… I TURNED to see who was tapping me. Nothing. Nobody was there. I’m ot sure how I would have reacted if someone had been there!!

I didn’t get goose bumps, I got HIPPOPOTAMUS bumps!! I don’t think I had ever dried off so fast before or since that time!

We moved away from that house in 2009. Sometimes I wonder about Hank. Katie and I still talk about him some. I hope he’s happy with the new occupants and doesn’t give them too much trouble!


About lherren1963

I'm a 51 yr old college student. I'm pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing.
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